Episode 005: The Business of Planning Viral Weddings with Event Designer, Jewel Odeyemi


Jewel Odeyemi lives and breathes creating wedding experiences that have rendered her brides speechless. She caught the wedding planning bug after planning her own 800 person wedding. She started taking on clients alongside her day job until she reached a crossroads where she had to decide which path she would take.

During our conversation, she shares her lessons learned, what it took for her to start growing her business and gives us insight into what it takes to keep her clients happy in a saturated market.

Go off script with us as we get a look behind the scenes of a viral wedding planner’s business.

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Mentioned in this episode


  • Know your worth. You don’t have to say yes to every piece of business that comes your way! Not every client is for you.
  • Don’t expect someone to just give you everything
  • Invest in yourself and continue to hone your skills

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