Episode 039: You Should Know These 5 Things Before Buying An Online Course.

Jun, 20, 2019
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In today’s episode, we’ll hear from two women, Kourtni Mason, and Dinah “Dee” Eke, who between them have purchased 4 premium courses or experiences you have probably heard about before. We’ll use their experiences to break down the 5 things you should look into BEFORE you purchase your first premium online course.

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As new business owners, we have a limited amount of time to get a lot of work done so if we can find a way to get more efficient at what I do, wouldn’t we jump at it? But in a world with an overabundance of courses and information from people claiming to have THE answer, how do you go about choosing which ones to spend your hard-earned dollars on?

If you have ever been curious about Myleik Teel’s My Taught You Retreat, Mattie James’ Pitch Please, Julie Solomon’s Pitch It Perfect or Marie Forleo’s B-School, come off script with us as we get more insight into their courses.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to build trust in a premium online course seller
  • How to shift your mindset about investing in your personal development
  • The biggest challenge most people face with online courses.

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