Episode 90: Ask Serwaa Anything

Have you ever wondered how I got the courage to leave my 9-5 or how I find guests for the She’s Off Script podcast?

For this episode, I’m answering all the personal, business, and podcast related questions you all submitted via Instagram.

I tend to get asked these some of these questions often so it was nice to get some answers out in a place those of you who are new to me can find them.

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Questions you asked:


    • Congrats on the success of your business! How did you find the courage to step out on your own, given that you have kids?
    • I have a 9-5 and am trying to grow my business on the side. Any advice on how to schedule out my limited time so I’m more productive?
    • I have so many ideas! How do I pick one?
    • I’ve heard you talk about creating a freebie to draw more people in. Where do I start with creating my first freebie?
    • I know I should start going live more but I’m nervous. How did you get comfortable with going live and putting yourself out there?
    • How do I get people to see me as an expert?
    • I’m seeing businesses close their doors next and right. How do I grow my business in this economy?


    • Love your pictures! Who takes them?
    • You have such a beautiful family! How are you balancing running your business and spending time with family in this season?


    • You have had some amazing women on your podcast. How are you find them all?

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