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She's Off Script
She's Off Script
Winter Refresh: Episode 037 with Influencer, Mattie James
by Serwaa Adjei-Pelle

  In today’s winter refresh episode, we revisit an episode that aired earlier this year with Influencer, Mattie James. Mattie is a full-time influencer who has booked over 500 brand campaigns over the course of her career. She is also one of the few black inf read more

The post Winter Refresh: Episode 037 with Influencer, Mattie James appeared first on Serwaa Adjei Pelle.


I help women discover their unique blueprint for success. After almost a decade-long career rising through the ranks at one of Wall Street’s most prestigious banks, I decided to step off the corporate ladder to pursue my many passions. I now share my story and strategies in hopes of helping women discover new blueprints for success outside of what is typically modeled for them. Ready to work with me? Please reach out here.