Episode 011: Ask Serwaa Anything: Entrepreneurship, Work-life Balance

Nov, 08, 2018


On this episode of She’s off Script, we’re having our first ask Serwaa Anything episode. Thank you to everyone who sent in a question and either on Facebook or Instagram. Today, I’ll be answering your questions on how to think about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, balancing careers or entrepreneurship with relationships and family, I’ll also share the challenges I’ve had with entrepreneurship so far and much more.

BUT Before we dive into the questions, I wanted to let you all know that we are now that the end of season one of the She’s off Script podcast. Don’t worry though…we’re only taking a hiatus from guest interview shows until the beginning of 2019. We have some phenomenal women on deck for next year.  Until then, I’ll be back each week with solo episodes. Some of the questions I didn’t get to answer on today’s show have really inspired me to share more about my entrepreneurial journey and lifestyle, as well as have more workshop style episodes. I hope to see you back for those.


  • Be able to clearly articulate to yourself the reason you want to make the leap into entrepreneurship.
  • Assess personal priorities often and refocus your attention as needed.
  • Outsource any personal tasks you can afford to outsource.
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Ask for and accept help wherever you can get it.

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  • Google Keep: https://keep.google.com/

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