Episode 018: How Oneika Raymond’s Content Got Her A Show On The Travel Channel

Oneika Raymond, a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur who at the age of 34 left her decade long teaching career to launch her own the travel media empire.

For Oneika, content is king! She gave herself a year to successfully break into the travel industry and got noticed by putting out great content. 2 years later, she appears on TV regularly, hosts 2 travel channel web series and so much more.

In this episode, she gives us 5 tips for solo travel as well as gives advice to emerging content creators on how to get their start.

Join us as we go off script with Oneika Raymond, the face of the travel media brand, Oneika the Traveller.

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Mentioned in this episode: 


  • Ask for what you believe you are owed
  • Your effort is worth money
  • Be confident in your abilities and get comfortable with saying no.
  • Once you hone your content so it’s useful to your core audience, opportunities will come your way.

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