Episode 036: Launch A Disruptive Tech Platform with Mandy Price

In today’s episode, Mandy Price, CEO of Kanarys, shares why and how she decided to launch a disruptive platform that brings transparency to diversity and inclusion related issues to the workplace.

After 11 years at a law firm, Mandy was passed over for Partner. Around the same time, she found that many of her peers were experiencing similar career setbacks and were given similar reasons for not receiving promotions and raises. After making partner at a new firm, Mandy was referred to as the “diverse” partner by a peer and knew she had to do something about creating workplaces where people feel they belong.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to find a developer to build your platform as a non-technical founder
  • How to raise your first round do funding
  • Building a tech company outside of Silicon Valley
  • How to build a startup with your spouse

Mentioned in this episode:


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