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More of my story…

Igraduated from college in 2009 with a fair amount of student debt. My senior year, I studied abroad in France and interned for the Council of Europe. While that was an amazing experience, it didn’t come cheap. Even back then, I was entrepreneurial but wasn’t comfortable with going straight into owning my own business after college. Quite frankly, Finance was going to pay much better in the short run and would allow me to pay off my debt and save money for a future venture. I dipped my toe into an e-commerce venture a couple years after graduating and although it launched well, I didn’t have the necessary tools to drive it to success.

“I spent the next 9 years being goal oriented almost to a fault.  I set out a path for myself and barreled down it until I was done.”

By my 30th birthday I was:
✓ Married
✓ Had 2 kids
✓ Got Promoted to Vice President
✓ Got into an Ivy league MBA program 

No humble brag intended here. Grad school was a perfectly timed eye opener for me as I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do next.

I felt like I had accomplished most of the goals my young mind had conceived of many years before achieving that next level seemed elusive. Part of the reason my next step was unclear is that I had been following what I knew to be the blueprint for success.

It has always been important to me to keep pursuing challenges and opportunities that nourish me and feed my soul. If I go too long without feeling those butterflies in my stomach, I start to wither away. I was at a point where my passion had started to fade.
Ultimately, I needed to build out something that I have control over. Leaving my fate entirely up to the decisions of others just wasn’t going to work for me at that stage in my career. I didn’t want to wait for others to make me a priority or decide when the time was right for me to advance. So I decided to build something for myself that I would be excited to work on every day.

After months of planning, I decided to leave my corporate role to focus full time on growing my own brand and helping other women create their own unique blueprint.

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