If you’re ready to be empowered, if you’re ready to be challenged, take feedback, hear from experts and share your own expertise, then welcome to the Off Script Ready Mastermind!


Through this mastermind, you will gain:

  • A community so you no longer feel alone as you make your way to the top!
  • You will meet women from different businesses, industries, educational backgrounds, career experiences, and life-stages who are just as ambitious and will push you to new heights
  • You will become a part of a melting pot that will tease out a new creative direction for your business and for your life with all the out of the box ideas and fresh perspectives
  • This is a sisterhood of women you can lean on outside of your normal circles.

So what exactly is a mastermind and how is it different from getting coaching or working with a consultant.

A mastermind is simply a meeting of the minds among a group of highly motivated people who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other improve. They give each other advice, share connections and do business with each other when it makes sense. While coaching is a form of development where you get support with achieving a specific personal or professional goal, it’s less collaborative than a mastermind in that it’s more of a two way street between you and your coach. Consulting, on the other hand, is a bit more clinical in that you hire someone to offer and implement targeted solutions to specific challenges in your business. Consulting can also cost quite a bit depending on the level of expertise you’re working with. Mastermind take a more holistic approach to grow you personally, businesswise and careerwise.