Captions That Hit: A Brand Messaging Workbook


Before I made the leap into entrepreneurship, I had to steadily track how much money we would need in savings to cover all our personal and my business expenses. I needed a way to visualize the drain on my coins once I no longer had a steady paycheck coming in. I searched high and low but couldn’t find a tool that would tell me:

  1. How much money I needed in savings to take the leap.
  2. How long those savings would last if I made NO MONEY my first year.
  3. How much I needed to make while side-hustling to feel comfortable with taking the leap

Coming from a finance background, of course, I created an excel model.  This is the improved version of my leap tracker! You can plug in your own numbers and categories and see what the model predicts.



Do you literally hear crickets when you post online? Maybe you’ve tried a few different tactics but still get little to no engagement from your audience.

When you first start building a brand presence, you may not know what to say or who is evening listening. If you’re ready to improve your content and put out a clearer message that better connects with your audience, this workbook contains a series of exercises that will help you to refine your message and as a result, produce more targeted content.


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